Streamlining Scandinavian e-commerce with SAP Ariba Solutions

Streamlining Scandinavian e-commerce with SAP Ariba Solutions

The winds blow cold in the Nordic lands and set ropes and sails flapping all along the Baltic. No wonder e-commerce is booming there. Shoppers prefer to shop from the comfort of their homes. Thanks to Atea ASA, the major Nordic IT provider and second-largest software provider in Europe, they can. By equipping its business customers with reliable, state-of-the-art IT infrastructures, hardware, and software, Atea helps the e-commerce world in Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Sweden thrive.

In order to both encourage rapid growth and manage it, Atea brought SAP Ariba Solutions on board. The Ariba Network enabled the company to manage its e-commerce relationships more economically and more easily, which resulted in fair pricing and better business for all its customers. Entrusting its electronic purchase orders and invoices to SAP Ariba Solutions for safe keeping and sleek handling meant customers could browse, choose, and buy while staying snug and warm indoors.


  • Increase annual revenue and the number of orders and invoices
  • Improve efficiencies by streamlining the e-commerce process on a paperless platform

Why SAP Ariba solutions:

Atea wanting to be where its customers do business and seeing further potential for business as the Ariba Network grows


  • Increased e-commerce transactions dramatically since joining the Ariba Network, which goes hand-in-hand with added net-new buyers joining it
  • Achieved its goal of raising the level of customer satisfaction to very high
  • Became the largest IT infrastructure supplier in the Nordic region

Future plans:

  • Manage a larger percentage of company e-commerce with SAP Ariba Solutions, which will keep increasing together with net-new buyers joining the Ariba Network
  • Integrate all e-commerce purchase orders that were created with the Ariba Punchout solution
  • Grow the business with new innovations such as the Ariba Spot Buy solution and other new products that help Atea grow beyond its existing customers
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