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Oracle reveal importance of IaaS for Turkish businesses

Oracle reveal importance of IaaS for Turkish businesses

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A study by Oracle showed that Infrastructure Services (IaaS) are increasingly being adopted in Turkey, demonstrating that 12 percent of large-scale companies operating in Turkey are already using this innovative cloud solution to achieve their strategic growth targets.

Oracle’s “You & IaaS” survey, designed to see how well IaaS has been adopted in Turkey, is based on a survey conducted among 600 IT professionals in medium and large sized businesses with more than a hundred employees across Turkey.

According to You & IaaS study, 50 percent of the IT experts who participated in the survey in Turkey believe that the investors who do not invest in IaaS will fall behind their investing competitors. In addition, 67 percent of respondents agree that IaaS is an important component for related cloud strategies across the enterprise.

75 percent of respondents believe that IaaS solutions make it easier for businesses to innovate, which is why they see the energy to be spent on maintenance work become more directable to develop and experience. This understanding is spreading among new and established users, which makes 80 percent believe in IaaS’s innovation advantages.

71 percent of IaaS users in 100-249 employers say IaaS has significantly shortened the installation time, compared to 40 percent for over 250 employees.

According to Oracle’s research, about 26 percent of businesses believe that IaaS provides usability, operational speed and speed with world standards. Participants confirmed that those who have already started using IaaS are more advantageous than experienced users who are already integrating IaaS before 2012 and 43 percent say it is the best approach to supply IaaS directly from the supplier.

IaaS affects economic growth

The ‘You & IaaS’ study confirms that organisations in Turkey are shifting their workload to the cloud by changing existing IT architects, which are seen as indispensable, as a clear sign that IaaS has been adopted in Turkey.

While confirming that 12 percent of research participants use IaaS, six out of every ten participants indicate that they have invested in virtual data centres, with three out of ten participants investing in storage from IaaS services.

The main difficulties in the study’s adoption of IaaS by organisations in Turkey include possible cost increases and data security.

“Remember the transition to the Internet age: the worries about the conversion to the Internet are very similar to the concerns expressed during the conversion to the cloud. Today, without exception, every company is offering services over the Internet. Again, in the near future, it is not hard to predict that every company will work over the cloud without exception, “said Sedat Zencirci, Senior Vice President of Oracle Turkey Technology Sales Consultancy. “Cloud travel is not a one-way road, and each company’s journey is unique. We also offer a unique selection to each of our customers and address their specific business and IT needs. We have developed a fully integrated cloud platform that spans all layers of cloud in Oracle, and this platform is based on our core infrastructure products. What separates us from our competitors is that we are focusing on the integration between these layers. We offer a hybrid model that allows customers to install on the cloud, their own premises or their own data centres. We believe that an integrated solution must cover both the facility and the cloud, because the applications and information are both active and will continue to exist both for many years.

“The generic cloud is mature and businesses are driving digital transformation using Infrastructure Services (IaaS), while increasing customer engagement through mobile applications and social interactions. Oracle’s enterprise-class cloud allows organisations to run any workload at any time, while innovative data-transport tools simplify the way organisations transport their workload to the cloud, building the path they need, “adds Sedat Zencirci.

To help customers determine the value of their cloud infrastructure, Oracle recently used the Oracle IaaS TCO Calculator. This self-service IaaS TCO Calculator, which compares the cost of on-premises workloads to Oracle IaaS, evaluates the simple needs for information, storage and networking, net cost comparisons and adjustable calculation assumptions to create personalised recommendations and assessment reports.

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