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Yieldr partnered with Wercker to improve its software services

Yieldr partnered with Wercker to improve its software services

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Yieldr is a data analytics platform built exclusively for airlines. The software boosts the profitability of individual flights by allowing airlines to identify their distressed inventory and connect those empty seats with travellers ready to fly. Using Yieldr’s SaaS solution, marketers and revenue managers can take control and promote distressed flights to reduce wasted legs.

The challenge

Inspired by the likes of Netflix, Yieldr needed an agnostic and easy-to-use CI/CD solution that could reliably deploy to staging and production at scale. After researching continuous deployment technologies, they found that most traditional solutions were difficult to set up and not geared towards treating Docker and related cloud native technologies as first class citizens. Yieldr came across Wercker by attending a Golang meet up (one of the first in Amsterdam) at the Wercker offices and felt an affinity with Werckers development philosophies – Docker as a first class citizen and simple, repeatable processes to build and test robust applications quickly.

The solution

Yieldr tried out various well-known CI/CD platforms since their inception but chose Wercker for its Docker-first philosophy, stable and reliable build and deploy pipelines and its focus on the future with their investment in ChatOps. Yieldr, like Wercker, strongly believe that developer tooling should get out of the way, allowing teams to focus their attention and resources on writing code and improving their systems.

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