Israeli bank customers get financial guidance from Didi

Israeli bank customers get financial guidance from Didi

Israel Discount Bank is stepping into the AI banking era with the launch of Didi™ – a new digital financial assistant that helps customers manage their day-to-day banking activities and meet their financial goals.

Didi is a free service available to all Discount’s customers through the bank’s mobile application. Powered by Personetics’ AI and predictive analytics capabilities, it provides customers with personal, timely and useful information, insight and advice.

Forward-looking, proactive financial guidance

Like most banking digital assistants, Didi can respond to customers’ inquiries related to their account activity. However, research shows that banks can achieve significantly higher engagement levels with their customers by proactively offering personalised insight and guidance.

Constantly analysing individual customer transaction stream, the Personetics Cognitive Banking Brain enables Didi to identify and predict issues and opportunities related to specific transactions, personal spending trends and savings opportunities. It proactively prompts customers with relevant insights, providing a forward-looking view that helps customers manage and control their finances.

Pre-built insights shorten time-to-market

In addition to advanced AI capabilities, the Personetics solution includes hundreds of pre-built insights tested and proven by leading banks around the globe, enabling Discount Bank to meet a very aggressive deployment timeline. The bank can modify these insights and add new ones to retain complete control over the information presented to customers. In the future, Discount Bank plans to use Didi to offer personalised advice for investment and loan decisions.

Meeting customer expectations for smarter banking

“We strive to meet the needs of customers today by making banking easier, smarter and personalised,” said Ziv Biron, Head of Strategy, Planning & Finance Division at Discount Bank.

“Proactively providing insight and advice, Didi is always one step ahead, empowering customers to be more efficient and effective in managing their money. We take pride in being a leader in adopting new technology and collaborating with innovative FinTech players to make solutions such as Didi available to our customers,” said Levi Halevi, Head of Technologies & Operations Division at Discount Bank.

“Leading financial institutions such as Discount Bank recognise that access to account balance and transaction history, no matter how efficiently delivered, is no longer sufficient to meet customer expectations in the digital age. Utilising advanced AI capabilities to provide personalised and proactive guidance is quickly becoming a must-have for financial institutions that want to increase customer engagement, satisfaction and loyalty,” said David Sosna, Personetics’ Co-Founder and CEO. “While digital banking assistants are gaining popularity, the ones that will stand out will be those that deliver smart interactions based on true understanding of each customer’s financial behaviour and needs.”

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