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McAfee Identity Theft Protection delivers peace of mind to consumers

McAfee Identity Theft Protection delivers peace of mind to consumers

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As widespread data breaches continue to make headlines and consumers become more vigilant around security and privacy, cybersecurity leader McAfee has announced McAfee Identity Theft Protection, allowing users to take a proactive approach to protecting their identities. McAfee understands consumers want to feel safe and that safety is a very personal concept. McAfee Identity Theft Protection helps to deliver the peace of mind people desire by providing personal monitoring, financial monitoring and recovery tools against identity theft and financial fraud.

Recent McAfee research reveals that identity theft is top of mind for consumers, with most survey respondents reporting it as their primary or secondary concern when it comes to cybersecurity priorities. Despite this high level of concern, only roughly one in three (37%) currently use an identity theft protection solution, highlighting the need for consumers to feel secure in the choice of provider they use to help protect their sensitive, personal information.

“This past year in particular, we’ve seen some of the worst data breaches yet, further underscoring the need for consumers to be increasingly vigilant in protecting their personal information,” said John Giamatteo, Executive Vice President, Consumer Business Group, McAfee. “As a global leader in cybersecurity that protects more than 375 million customers and is at the forefront of the latest threat research, McAfee is best equipped to help consumers safeguard their identities in a world where we continue to see more sophisticated and frequent attacks.”

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