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Orange Polska develops IoT and invites companies to cooperate

Orange Polska develops IoT and invites companies to cooperate

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In Warsaw, Gliwice, Mysłowice and Tarnów, a pilot was launched for the commercial use of LTE-M technology, allowing to build the Internet of Things (IoT) based on the 4G network. The tests will enable the participating companies to develop their services and devices, and Orange Polska will analyse the new solution in real business conditions. At the same time, the operator invites companies to cooperate, including start-ups interested in providing innovative IoT solutions. Acceptance of applications is due to begin in the near future. The most interesting proposals will gain access to the unique capabilities of the Orange network.

LTE-M is one of the leading data transmission technologies for the mass use of Internet of Things devices, selected by the Orange Group for commercial implementation. This solution, operating on the basis of the 4G network, in the scope of IoT meets all the requirements set for the 5G network. LTE-M allows you to handle a very large number of devices within a single base station, ensures minimum power consumption, translating into a longer device life and allows you to contact devices in difficult conditions – basements, wells etc. Moreover, LTE-M supports full mobility of the devices used, allowing, among others for their roaming services, real-time monitoring and even the use of voice transmission via VoLTE. Compared with other IoT technologies, it has more development potential.

“We are opening a new market for Orange Polska, which may turn out to be very profitable in the coming years. We improve and develop our network to meet dynamic technological changes and growing customer requirements,” said Maciej Zengel, Director of Network Strategy and Mobile Infrastructure at Orange Polska.

To fully present the possibilities of development of the Internet of Things based on LTE-M, Orange invites small and medium enterprises to cooperate, including start-ups. These are the entities implementing Smart City, Smart home, Smart car, Smart industry, Smart building, Assets tracking, Smart Metering, Smart Health, etc. As part of the cooperation, the operator will also be able to test solutions based on other access technologies.

Participants of this initiative will have at their disposal; experts, systems, technologies and laboratories that support Orange to create new solutions. The products and services developed will be tested and developed using specialised devices and the Orange Live Object IoT platform. The startups will be invited for acceleration as part of the Orange FAB programme.

“We are going to be more active than ever to look for solutions for implementation in business on the market. More often, we will invite potential partners to cooperate in creating innovative solutions in various fields. The current edition is dedicated to the Internet of Things,” said Sebastian Grabowski, Director of IoT and Advanced Technologies at Orange Polska.

Orange FAB is an international start-up accelerator created by Orange. Outside Poland, Israel, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Spain, France, Senegal and the USA participate in the programme. It is aimed at innovative companies with which the operator jointly develops technologically mature services. Participation in the programme enables product development, workshops and training, mentoring support, co-financing as well as access to the distribution network and reaching Orange clients.

In Poland, the programme was launched in 2014 as one of the first accelerators on the Polish market. So far, 744 start-ups have submitted to the Polish edition, 28 solutions have been piloted and eight have been commercially implemented.

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