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Lifecell Ventures marks a new era for telecom industry

Lifecell Ventures marks a new era for telecom industry

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Operators across the globe will now be able to offer their customers Lifecell Ventures’ services such as BiP, fizy, Dergilik, Lifebox, My Account, Paycell, Upcall and RTM. Lifecell Ventures will share its winning experience with other operators around the world.

Turkish telecom company, Lifecell Ventures, now offers its services, already used by millions of people around the world, to all operators. Lifecell Ventures Chairman, Kaan Terzioglu, spoke at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, saying that in recent years they have been developing their own digital solutions and services that can really compete with OTT rivals. He added: “It’s time to share our winning experience via Lifecell Ventures with the other telco operators around the world.”

Lifecell Ventures showcased its innovative digital solutions and services at Mobile World Congress and announced that it is offering innovative digital solutions and services for the use of all operators around the world.

Step ahead of the competition with Lifecell Ventures

In the meeting, Lifecell Ventures Chairman, Kaan Terzioglu, pointed out that it is time to move a step ahead of the competition with Lifecell Ventures and added: “We can only compete with OTTs that have reached billions of users in the world by combining the capabilities of telecom operators and OTT. With the transformation we initiated in 2015, we have not only combined our mobile and fixed infrastructures but also added our services developed by bringing together telecom and OTT capabilities. At this point, our services such as fizy, TV+, BiP, lifebox and Dergilik have surpassed their competitors in Turkey. Now is the time to bring this experience to the telecom sector globally. With Lifecell Ventures, we are leading the way for other operators to offer these services to their customers.”

Terzioglu said that Lifecell Ventures wants to bring a new approach to the telecom sector, adding: “With Lifecell Ventures, we have begun to offer cloud solutions to consumers all over the world with digital communication, entertainment, music, TV and e-commerce applications. While the standard relationship of a telecom operator with its customers consists of the daily 31 minute call time, we want to be with our customers in every moment of the 1440 minutes of the day with our products and services. Currently, we are adding an extra 63 minutes of communication with TV+, 46 minutes with BiP, 24 minutes with fizy and 27 minutes with our publishing platform Dergilik to the 31 minute call time of our customers. Additionally, our customers conduct millions of transactions every day on our services such as My Account and Paycell. We are a company with innovation in our DNA. The operators offering Lifecell Ventures services to their customers can observe a significant amount of increase in their data usage while expanding their user base rapidly, thanks to these services that will be open for the use of all operators. These services have a positive effect on revenue and ARPU while also increasing customer loyalty. The operators who use the services of Lifecell Ventures also benefit from not having to update these services themselves.

Terzioglu said: “If telecom operators continue to provide only infrastructure services they will simply remain as a cost element. Telecom is the only industry that complains about demand. It is a cry out for help due to the inability to monetise that data growth. Everybody needs to understand that a country who does not own its data is a country that’s going to disappear in the future. Data is like oil. You earn much more money if you can export refined oil instead of raw oil. It is the same thing with data. If you are wasting your data; if you are not processing your data, storing it in an intelligent way, reformatting it into different types of products and services, you are wasting your time. Everybody agrees that data is the source of power. But then someone invented a sort of digital hegemony which forces every single country in the world to be in the hands of two global giants and to have their data processed by them. I think this will change.”

Kopilot and Smart Agriculture introduced at GSMA

Lifecell Ventures added new products to its portfolio of globally-acclaimed innovative products at the GSMA Mobile Global Congress. Kopilot, offering unique services in addition to vehicle monitoring systems and Smart Agriculture Device, offering facilities for traditional and industrial farmers, were introduced to the communication industry leaders in Barcelona.

Everything under control with Kopilot

Lifecell Ventures’ connected smart car solution, Kopilot, allows real-time monitoring of the vehicle’s performance and driving experience data. The solution goes beyond a traditional vehicle monitoring system and helps you keep everything under control with driver details, travel log, driver log, drive modes and notifications. Kopilot also offers personalised data through OTT services and takes the driving experience to another level.

Time of Smart Agriculture

Soil & Weather Sensors (THS) have a leading role in providing technical support to agriculture in Turkey and increasing the efficiency of both traditional and industrial farming. The sensors ensure data flow on products for farmers. THS provides information on the environment, weather conditions and soil for increased crop efficiency and quality. The product also analyses potential risks and notifies the farmer through the THS mobile app on irrigation or pesticide requirements.

Digital Cockpit: Real-time data, real-time success

Most organisations realise they have a wealth of data, but not all of them are able to understand its potential value. If you want to see, hear, feel and touch the real power of data, you must try the Digital Cockpit platform where you can truly experience the data via HoloLens. Digital Cockpit enables digital and real-time monitoring of critical metrics related to sales, network operations, marketing campaigns and human resources. It enables users to personalise their experience, identify trends, set up alerts in case of variance and compare results, all the while accessing the platform from the device of their choice and interacting with Alexa as their assistant.

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