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GÉANT selects Flowmon DDoS Defender for user protection

GÉANT selects Flowmon DDoS Defender for user protection

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Flowmon Networks, a vendor of advanced monitoring and security solutions for network infrastructures, has announced that GÉANT, a pan-European network for scientific excellence, research, education and innovation has deployed Flowmon DDoS Defender to help protect critical services from distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.

The out-of-path anti-DDoS solution protects GÉANT’s infrastructure, Europe’s largest and most advanced research and education (R&E) network that includes over 40 National Research and Education Network (NREN) partners in Europe. GÉANT serves 50 million users and 10,000 R&E institutions with highly reliable, unconstrained access to computing, analysis, storage, applications and other resources.

“These services are of a mission-critical priority for our NREN partners, who were facing continual and increasing threats from DDoS attacks,” said Evangelos Spatharas, Head of Security at GÉANT.

With its IP backbone transferring petabytes of data every day, regularly operating at speeds over 500Gbps, the ability to monitor such large-scale traffic was a key requirement. Multitenancy, interoperability and full redundancy were all considered a must.

To deal with the DDoS threat, GÉANT decided to further strengthen its security infrastructure and deploy a specialised DDoS protection to detect and mitigate volumetric attacks. After assessing leading vendors in the field, GÉANT selected the anti-DDoS solution by Flowmon Networks.

“What makes our organisations similar is a strong focus on innovation. Flowmon always understands our needs and we can rely on its technology and support at all times,” added Spatharas.

Flowmon DDoS Defender utilises machine learning when analysing flow data generated from routers, switches and other network equipment. It continuously learns traffic profiles and immediately detects traffic violations caused by distributed denial of service attacks. “As a part of GÉANT’s Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, Flowmon dramatically reduces response time to an ongoing attack. Thanks to this, the European research and education community can benefit from always available services and can protect their values,” commented Frank Dupker, VP of Sales EMEA at Flowmon Networks. The deployment follows a long-term cooperation between Flowmon Networks and GÉANT.

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