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GiaX announces new products for its Ethernet over coax solution, HelEOS

GiaX announces new products for its Ethernet over coax solution, HelEOS

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GiaX, a German technology startup bringing innovation to coaxial networks, is introducing two new additions to its product portfolio; the ES1440-BK and the HelEOS Switch Node. The ES1440-BK is a versatile, feature rich 4 port 10G and 4 port 2.5G Ethernet Switch. The HelEOS Switch Node is a HelEOS Gateway with an integrated ES1440-BK Switch. The Switch Node provides cable operators with the capability to deploy the GiaX HelEOS solution as a Virtual Node Split solution. Both products are now available for the BK network architecture.

Prior to the introduction of the Switch Node, cable operators could use the HelEOS solution for a single service only, typically Distributed Access Architectures (DAA), Mobile Backhaul, Fibre to the Business or Distributed PON. By using the Switch Node cable operators can now use the HelEOS solution for multiple services at once, significantly increasing the versatility of the HelEOS solution and bringing Node-as-a-Platform capabilities to the BK architecture.

“Deploying fibre for re-segmentation purposes can be a serious CAPEX burden as this is often associated with digging into the ground, which tends to be labour-intensive,” said Jörg Hellwig, CEO and Founder of GiaX. “At GiaX we have developed an innovative solution, HelEOS, that allows cable operators to re-use the existing Coax network, re-energising that network to offer standard based 10G Ethernet backhaul capabilities for deployment of DAA architectures, whilst having the flexibility to adapt to new requirements in the future such as FDX. The HelEOS Switch Node is the latest addition to the HelEOS solution, making HelEOS ready for use in cable networks all over the world.”

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