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Cybint teams up with Israel university to offer cyber-education

Cybint teams up with Israel university to offer cyber-education

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Global cyber education leader Cybint, a BARBRI company, and Ariel University are teaming up to offer a comprehensive portfolio of cyber education offerings for students and professionals in Israel

Global cyber education leader Cybint, a BARBRI company, and Ariel University are teaming up to offer a comprehensive portfolio of cyber-education offerings for students and professionals in Israel.

The Ariel University Cyber Innovation Center, powered by Cybint and the university’s professional teams, boasts a comprehensive portfolio of online cyber-education offerings, from Cybint’s cyber-literacy programs to its rigorous cybersecurity/intelligence virtual labs and access to one of the world’s most advanced Cyber Range environments.

The Cyber Innovation Center’s training and courses will be available to students and alumni of the university and serve as a workforce development and continuing education resource for professionals, members of the military and others. Certifications through the Cyber Innovation Center are aligned with the NICE (National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education) and Israel National Cyber Directorate frameworks. Courses and training include:

  • Level one – Cybint’s cyber-literacy programmes: Cyber has become a ubiquitous and important component in non-technological fields of study such as business, law, criminal justice, finance and others. Cybint’s cyber-literacy courses provide professionals a basic, comprehensive grounding in cyber terminology, threats and opportunities
  • Level two – Cybint’s hands-on simulator-labs: The most critical component for a career in cybersecurity is hands-on skills. Cybint’s Cyber Security Analyst (CSA) Simu-Lab Suite, the product of extensive military and industry experience, offers advanced practical training in a simulated environment. It provides learners with the skills required to work as a cybersecurity analyst in Security Operation Centres – allowing them to gain the skills and experience to start working in the cyberindustry – even without a computer science degree
  • Cyber Range – The Cyber Range presents learners with cyberthreats and live advanced group simulation to mimic real cyber attacks and challenges them to mitigate and resolve them as quickly as possible. The platform is designed to simulate networks, traffic and attack scenarios to train and test people, procedures and technologies in a safe and controllable environment. The Cyber Range can be accessed on-premises or remotely

“Cyber-knowledge is increasingly important in every facet of our workforce across industries,” said Cybint CEO Roy Zur. “Yet we are facing a severe global shortage of this knowledge and overall cyber-expertise. Cybint’s mission centres on working with partners such as Ariel University to close that knowledge gap and equip students and professionals with the cyber-knowledge they need to understand both the threats and the opportunities and protect their organisations. We’re very excited about the new Cyber Innovation Center and look forward to its positive impact.”

“The launch of the Cyber Innovation Center is part of our commitment to offer innovative, career-enhancing education for our students, alumni and other professionals,” said Danny Hardon, Head of the Ariel University Research and Development Authority. “We’re pleased and excited to partner with Cybint – an industry leader in Israel and the US – to deliver this important and relevant education through our new centre.”

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