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Narada completes phase one of German energy project

Narada completes phase one of German energy project

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In 2017, Narada signed a contract with Upside Germany to build the FM energy storage station with a total capacity of more than 50MW and participated in PCR in Germany.

Upside is a leading provider of new energy technology solutions in Europe. Its main business involves project development and asset management in the fields of battery energy storage and photovoltaics, and currently has more than 290MW of energy storage projects that have been developed and under development.

Narada owns the world’s leading lead-carbon battery technology and energy storage system integration technology and realises power smoothing, load tracking, peak-shaving and valley-filling of the power generation side/distribution side/user side of the power grid. Narada has the second largest energy storage capacity in 2017.

The energy storage solution has already achieved the economy of commercial scale promotion on the user side. Narada has explored the ‘Investment+Opration’ commercial model of energy storage systems which has entered an accelerated expansion and landing period.

The battery energy storage system has better economic and social benefits compared with conventional thermal power generators because of its high-tuning efficiency, fast response, lower cost and environmental protection.

Narada uses advanced energy storage battery technology with a fast responding energy conversion system to build a frequency-modulated energy storage plant with a total capacity of more than 50MW in two years and participates in a frequency-modulation market service (PCR) in Germany, with a total investment of approximately €42 million.

To the present, Narada has already completed the system design and production, the first system joint debugging and landed the first batch of containers successively, finally completing the overall project construction of the first phase of the project successfully.

The project will provide frequency regulation for the Germany power grid, stabilise the operation of the power grid, improve the reliability and flexibility of the power grid and promote the integrated development of green energy in the future.

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