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Volpi Capital invests in Netherlands-based data analytics company

Volpi Capital invests in Netherlands-based data analytics company

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CycloMedia Technology, a leading provider of accurate geospatial imagery data and data analytics, has announced a significant new equity investment in the company by Volpi Capital to support CycloMedia’s rapid international growth and the development of new market opportunities.

Founded in 1980 and based in the Netherlands, CycloMedia provides a rich end-to-end b2b geo-data and software platform and has an established presence in the US, Dutch, German and Scandinavian markets. Using proprietary cloud-based technologies, CycloMedia’s high-accuracy data sets allow governments and enterprises to assess, analyse and measure physical infrastructures, including buildings, roads and other assets, remotely and on any device. CycloMedia is uniquely global in its ability to deliver its customers actionable insights from geo-data rapidly and at scale.

Based on its unique technology platform and well-established market position in the Netherlands with many long-lasting customer partnerships, CycloMedia has doubled its sales over the last four years. In partnership with Avedon Capital Partners, CycloMedia has achieved strong organic expansion in the US (where revenue has doubled annually in the last two years) and Germany, starting and scaling local operations successfully. CycloMedia has further invested in its world-leading technology platform, accelerating the scalability of the company by renewing its Content-as-a-Service platform, introducing geo-referenced object databases using object recognition and AI analytics, and developing a next-generation capturing system.

“We would like to thank Avedon for supporting us in bringing the company where we are today by entering new markets, investing in new technologies and substantially expanding the organisation. At the same time we are very pleased to have Volpi Capital on board and look forward to working with them as we continue to scale our presence globally,” said Frank Pauli, Chief Executive Officer of CycloMedia.

CycloMedia’s customer base includes the largest cities in the market where it is active, including New York City, Washington D.C., Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Frankfurt and Stuttgart, many other government customers as well as a growing number of enterprise customers in the utility, construction and engineering, as well as real estate and financial vertical markets.

The vision and strategy of CycloMedia will remain unchanged with the new capital partner and CycloMedia will continue to give its customers the same support and service it always has. The company plans to accelerate its investments in growth and in further professionalising its operations, while also creating next-generation capturing and sensor systems and most importantly the further investment in data analytics capabilities. These will be developed in-house as well as in close cooperation with selected partners, for which CycloMedia will pursue an active partner and acquisition strategy.

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