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DigiPlex takes lead in world’s coolest data centre market

DigiPlex takes lead in world’s coolest data centre market

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An IDG Connect survey of 300 senior decision makers across Sweden and Norway has revealed DigiPlex as the most recognised brand in one of the world’s most active and attractive markets for international data centre investment.

The survey, which gathered the opinions of CEOs, CFOs and CIOs, revealed the best recognised data centre brands in both countries showing DigiPlex in an uncontested position. This result is attributed to an ambitious international marketing strategy, constant innovation and attention to the long-term cost advantages that are drawing the biggest global brands to the region.

“The incredible pace of digitisation and the accompanying rise in international demand for better, faster and greener data solutions has significantly changed the ‘maths’ at C-level when it comes to data centres,” said Co-owner of DigiPlex and Chairman, Byrne Murphy, based in Washington, D.C. “When I founded DigiPlex, I wanted it to become first name in data centres – not just in the most attractive and active market, but across the world. I’m delighted to see more people than ever getting the message.”

The Nordic region has achieved greater international attention in recent years for data centre development, largely due to the region’s political stability, secure locations, strong connectivity infrastructure and access to 100% clean, low-cost power. Significant investment by global hyperscale brands such as Amazon, Google and Facebook have highlighted the region’s appeal further and paved the way for more international business. “An international firm deploying 100 megawatts over 10 years will save approximately US$1 billion by placing their data centre in Sweden or Norway, versus Germany,” concluded Mr Murphy.

“We want more business leaders to realise what some hyperscalers already have – that innovative data centres in the Nordic region are presenting incredible long-term strategic advantages. Building our Nordic brand is an essential part of our growth strategy and it also reflects what we feel is a crucial next step for the whole industry,” said Fredrik Jansson, Chief Strategy and Marketing & Communication Officer at DigiPlex. “Winning the argument for innovation and attention for data centres at the C-level shows the growing appetite for solutions like ours and for dedicated partners that offer responsible, efficient and green solutions designed for the long-term.”

Since 2004, DigiPlex has run on 100% renewable energy and the company’s sites are some of the world’s greenest and most energy efficient. The company’s innovations, from its ultra-efficient Air-to-Air cooling systems and ‘Concert Control’ management software have emerged from its dedication to the market. The company has further improved its appeal by announcing plans to retrofit its data centres to recycle waste heat to thousands of apartments in the central heating systems in Stockholm and Oslo.

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