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Crédit Agricole Ile-de-France chooses Infor Talent Science

Crédit Agricole Ile-de-France chooses Infor Talent Science

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Infor, a global leader in business cloud software specialised by industry, has announced that French bank, Crédit Agricole Ile-de-France, has selected Infor’s predictive recruitment solution, Infor Talent Science, to help improve the retention rate of its new client advisers, a particularly strategic group of employees in charge of customer relations. Within one year after deploying a pilot of the solution, the use of Infor Talent Science resulted in a 10-point drop in the turnover rate of new hires.

Patricia Vedel, Head of the Recruitment and Career Management Department at Crédit Agricole’s Caisse Ile-de-France, said: “At the end of 2017, we started this initiative as part of a global project aimed at focusing on the behavioural preferences and diversity of the profiles of our new hires, going beyond simply evaluating technical competence.”

In search of a solution capable of improving the recruitment process of customer advisers and increasing their retention rate during the first year, Crédit Agricole Ile-de-France discovered Infor’s predictive analysis tool, recently available in France, and decided to test it.

A benchmark profile

The three-month pilot selection project consisted of identifying performance-related behavioural qualities of current employees in the Client Adviser position, in order to create a benchmark of success to compare against future candidates.

Patricia Vedel continued: “300 currently employed advisers volunteered to fill out a questionnaire that helped us to establish a benchmark profile. We then had their managers assess performance through an evaluation built by Infor. The teams in charge of the project gathered this information and modelled the data to create the benchmark profile. Thanks to this analysis, we have been able to organise our recruitment criteria and focus on the behavioural aspects that predict the success of client adviser candidates.”

After a first telephone exchange with the candidates to analyse their technical skills, candidates undergo the evaluation process developed by Infor Talent Science. The detailed reports allow the operational teams to have tangible data on the adequacy of the candidates’ soft skills as compared to the job. This helps the organisation improve recruitment, on-boarding and training processes so new employees can rapidly perform better in their agency.

Patricia Vedel added: “Beyond its particularly innovative characteristics, we have identified three main objectives we wish to reach through the deployment of Infor Talent Science: reduce our recruitment costs, balance our communications investments, while attracting new talent and standardise our recruitment criteria according to a frame of reference aligned with our values and our corporate culture.”

Ingrid Hoskin, HCM Senior Account Manager in France, in charge of the project at Infor, said: “Each company and each candidate is unique. With Infor Talent Science, we provide our customers with a solution that helps them instantly identify the best candidates for each position. Thanks to a broad spectrum of performance and behaviour data, our tool allows us to define unique predictive models – specific to each company and each type of position – improving recruitment, retention and talent development throughout a career simultaneously. This solution revolutionises HR management and offers a new approach to Talent Management and SWP (Strategic Workforce Planning). With proven results from the first year of use, this solution is very easy to use and to set up and allows organisations to innovate knowing they will improve the quality of their HR practices and the competitiveness of their operations.”

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