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Voicesense drives call centre sales through predictive analysis

Voicesense drives call centre sales through predictive analysis

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Voicesense, a provider of voice-based predictive analytics technologies headquartered in Israel, has announced enhancements to its solution for call centre operations.

The new technology employs signal processing techniques to extract and analyse over 200 prosodic speech parameters. These are the non-content features of a person’s speech such as intonation, energy, pace and emphasis, which can be used to predict the behaviour of customers and agents during live interactions, the company said.

Voicesense finds applications in sales/marketing, human resources, finance, insurance, healthcare, telecom and more.

For example, Voicesense can help marketing and sales agents gain immediate go/no-go indications regarding each customer’s purchasing probability, so they can focus on those interactions with high revenue-generating potential.

“We also tell you what ‘speaks’ to each customer, whether it be price, brand, quality or other factors. You will receive recommendations on how to approach customers or how to tailor an interaction to customer’s buying style,” said a Voicesense official.

Voicesense can be used to track agent performance and evaluate overall call centre performance. Since Voicesense is based on predictive analytics, it identifies anomalies in the conversation and alerts supervisors for immediate action. Thus, they can track inappropriate, impolite, or incompetent conversation quickly and adopt measures to prevent customer churn. This is one of the benefits of Voicesense over traditional QA processes.

The solution also tracks agent burnout and identifies individual agents that are at risk of attrition, helping human resource managers make proactive decisions to reduce agent turnover. With compliance scoring and automated performance tracking, managers can assign scores to agents and supervisors and assess their performance accurately.

One of the major applications of AI in the insurance and banking sector is to assess risks. In typical scenarios, call centre agents finalise a transaction with callers, but they are unaware as to whether the customer has any intention of paying.

“Voicesense now enables call centre agents to better evaluate the chances that they will see the money from a late-paying customer, and provides guidance on the best approach to recover debt. Overall, these steps result in better future claim predictions, better and faster collection results and lower loan default rate,” said the official.

The Voicesense application can be fully integrated on premise or through an API to the cloud with an organisation’s systems used in its call centre operations, including, CRM, business intelligence and others.

Voicesense is currently offering a proof-of-concept trial of this new version of its speech-based predictive analytics solution for call centres.

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