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FireEye Secure Email Gateway protects against evolving threat landscape

FireEye Secure Email Gateway protects against evolving threat landscape

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New secure email gateway from FireEye delivers robust inbound and outbound email scanning to defend against the evolving threat landscape

FireEye, the intelligence-led security company, has announced that FireEye Email Security now provides full Secure Email Gateway (SEG) functionality – blocking inbound and outbound malware, phishing URLs, impersonation techniques and spam.

According to FireEye’s latest Email Threat Report, 90% of email attacks were malware-less, with phishing attacks serving as the greatest offender, making up 81% of this subset. FireEye Email Security continues to detect an average of over 14,000 emails with malicious attachments or URLs per customer per month that get past other solutions.

With email continuing to be the most commonly used channel for both opportunistic and targeted attacks, organisations can’t afford to overlook these vulnerabilities.

First to observe, block and adapt 

FireEye Email Security delivers leading detection and protection capabilities for email-based threats within one singular solution. By consolidating the email security stack with FireEye, organisations can also minimise the impact email-borne threats have on their network and employees, while often benefiting from cost savings. 

“It’s easy for organisations to become overly reliant upon blocking-based protection, until they realise what’s been slipping through. We see this time and time again in our incident response engagements when other security solutions failed to block email threats,” said Ken Bagnall, Vice President of Email Security at FireEye.

“Our full secure email gateway protects organisations from inbound email attacks as well as outbound email exfiltration. This advanced level of protection is critical in defending against today’s evolving threat landscape, as spear-phishing, ransomware and impersonation attacks continue to rise.”

Kostas Georgakopoulos, Chief Information Security Officer at Procter & Gamble, said: “We wanted to consolidate our email security vendors into a more efficient and effective footprint.

“FireEye walked us through its catalogue of tools for blocking suspicious email traffic. During the review, FireEye Email Security – Cloud Edition detected malicious emails that our current systems had missed. This demonstrated the value FireEye delivers and solidified our decision to switch our email protection.” 

Protection beyond the traditional secure email gateway

In addition to standard secure email gateway capabilities such as antivirus, anti-spam, and signature-based anti-malware, FireEye Email Security is designed to better protect customers with:

  • Threat Intelligence gathered from the frontlines: FireEye’s first-hand knowledge of attacks and attackers gained from its incident response engagements and network of security researchers is used to continually improve FireEye Email Security by adapting detection and analysis engines to new attack techniques and developing new product features. This sets FireEye far apart from its competitors that don’t see what attacker techniques and tools are actually being used to bypass security solutions.
  • Impersonation protection: Executive names are increasingly used as display names in fraudulent emails, fooling employees into taking action. FireEye Email Security addresses both display name and header spoofing using actionable tools, such as Deep Relationship Analysis to identify anomalous email traffic, while email-specific threat intelligence, or Smart DNS, serve as the basis for the broad tool set that leads to quicker detection.
  • Advanced Threat Protection: FireEye Email Security can detect and block inbound and outbound advanced threats other solutions miss, helping organisations protect their brand, and focus resources on responding to the alerts that matter.
  • Custom YARA Rules: Organisations can introduce their own rules to manage and enhance detections, stop the latest threats and identify ongoing campaigns. 

Additional information on FireEye Email Security is available at

Register to attend a March 19 webinar where FireEye’s Ken Bagnall will provide a brief overview of the latest email threat trends, and the ‘must have’ email security capabilities.

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