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OPPO and T-Mobile start collaboration in the Netherlands

OPPO and T-Mobile start collaboration in the Netherlands

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OPPO and T-Mobile have announced their collaboration on the Dutch telecom market. It’s the first time that the rapidly growing OPPO has entered into a direct partnership with a Dutch telecom partner. T-Mobile and OPPO find each other in their joint ambitions in areas such as technology and 5G. Earlier this year, OPPO already presented its first 5G smartphone, while T-Mobile is working hard on preparations for the rollout of 5G in 2020. The OPPO RX17 Pro smartphone has been exclusively added to the T-Mobile range.

Last summer, OPPO introduced its telephones in Europe, with the scoop for the Netherlands. The smartphones have been well received by the Dutch consumer. Harrison Chen, OPPO Netherlands CEO, sees the future of OPPO in the Dutch market with confidence: “I am extremely proud of this great collaboration with T-Mobile. At OPPO we want to create products that are the perfect combination of design and technology. Based on this principle, the RX17 Pro has been developed and it is our ambition to introduce more Dutch people to this device together with T-Mobile.”

5G – pioneers in telecom

OPPO and T-Mobile share the ambition to make 5G accessible as quickly as possible in the Netherlands. OPPO’s 5G smartphone has officially been approved for the European market, with the receipt of the 5G CE certificate. In addition, the company recently announced the ‘5G Landing Project’, which promotes the implementation of 5G products and services. T-Mobile is fully engaged in preparations for the rollout of a nationwide 5G network in 2020. Starting with the municipality of The Hague, which will be the first Dutch city to switch completely to 5G and where there are already several T-Mobile pilots.

Onno Rip, Director of Consumer Sales and Terminals T-Mobile, commented: “OPPO is a leading brand in the worldwide smartphone market. [The company] has shown that it wants to grow in the European market and we have confidence in its ambitions.”

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