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The revolution of smart mailboxes begins in Spain

The revolution of smart mailboxes begins in Spain

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Citibox, a company based in Madrid, has developed a solution to solve the main problem of electronic commerce – the delivery of the purchase at the customer’s home.

The company installs free smart mailboxes in the common areas of residential buildings, which substantially speed up delivery by the parcel company.

The messenger deposits the package in the smart mailbox and the recipient receives a unique numeric code, which changes for each delivery. They can open the indicated mailbox and withdraw the package, at the time that best suits them, which guarantees an provides extra security and privacy. The Citibox application is available for iOS and Android

“We know our product solves a problem that is growing at the same pace as e-commerce, with a market size of two trillion Euros and a growth last year of 26%, said David Bernabéu, Citibox´s CEO.

“Our goal is to offer a solution to millions of people within a global market.”

After two years of operation in Madrid, the company has installed 5,000 smart mailboxes that serve 25,000 people, making more than 200,000 deliveries of packages. Next year, Citibox plans to install as many as 310,000 smart mailboxes in more than 40,000 residential buildings in Madrid, representing a total investment of €26 million (£22 million), offering a free package pick-up service at home to almost two million people.

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