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GENCI, CEA, CPU and Atos arm European scientists against COVID-19 with HPC facilities

GENCI, CEA, CPU and Atos arm European scientists against COVID-19 with HPC facilities

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Two of the most powerful supercomputers in France, Joliot-Curie, operated at the CEA’s supercomputing centre (TGCC), and Occigen, operated at CPU’s supercomputing centre (CINES), are providing urgent computing access to large computer resources to European research teams involved in the fight against COVID-19.

The aim is to perform epidemiological studies of COVID-19 virus spread, understand its molecular structure and behaviour and massively screen and test potential future molecules, to accelerate the search for an effective vaccine and support the global fight against the virus. Both supercomputers are based on Atos’ BullSequana platform, a global leader in Digital Transformation.

After only a few weeks of GENCI’s COVID-19 fast-track access, GENCI, the French national high-performance computing agency, announced that there are now more than 20 scientifically diverse COVI-19 projects running on its three national supercomputers among which are Joliot-Curie and Occigen (together with Jean Zay at IDRIS), with the dedicated help of support teams in these centres.

Joliot-Curie at TGCC

Joliot-Curie, with its 22 petaflop/s, is the most powerful supercomputer in France dedicated to academic and industrial open research.

Occigen at CINES

Among the COVID-19 related projects on Occigen, researchers are running simulations to study the SARS-Cov-2 helicase enzymes in further detail, in order to better understand the genetic make-up of the virus.

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