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Aruba S.p.A. expands Global Cloud Data Centre with two new data centres

Aruba S.p.A. expands Global Cloud Data Centre with two new data centres

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Aruba S.p.A., the largest Italian cloud provider and leader in data centre services, web hosting, email, PEC and domain registration, is celebrating the third year of its Global Cloud Data Centre. The largest campus data centre in Italy – which is spread over 200,000 m², is environmentally friendly and equipped with the most modern technologies – was first opened in Ponte San Pietro (Bergamo) on October 5, 2017.

To mark the anniversary of the campus, Aruba has formalised extensive expansion work that involves the entire area and will lead to the imminent activation of two new data centres called DC-B and DC-C. In detail, the DC-B will have a power of 9MW, divided between three large rooms. The DC-C, on the other hand, will be a multi-storey data centre with four data rooms located on two levels and a fully operational power of 8MW. The works on the DC-B will be completed by the first half of 2021, while those relating to the DC-C by the first half of 2022.

The new modules will go alongside DC-A, the first of the data centres inaugurated within the campus, which has 10 data rooms, with almost all capacity being used. With the two new modules, the surface area hosting the data centres on the campus becomes 80,000m² of which over 23,000 m² is dedicated to data rooms.

Further development of energy production: Photovoltaic, hydroelectric and a third turbine

Sustainability is an essential value for the company which, as part of its expansion plan, has made significant investments in the supply of energy from renewable sources. In this regard, Global Cloud Data Centre is one of Aruba’s green Data Centres and uses energy from various environmentally friendly sources including photovoltaics and hydroelectricity – thanks to a hydroelectric power plant within the area. It also uses other technologies such as highly efficient geothermal systems, which allow the temperature of the data rooms to be regulated, further lowering consumption, the energy used by the data centres and consequently the environmental impact.

In order to further enhance the on-site energy production capacity, which guarantees maximum efficiency, the two new modules, DC-B and DC-C, will be covered with new generation photovoltaic systems both on the walls and on the roofs. Within the next three months, a new photovoltaic system will be completed on the roof of DC-A, which will be added to the system already in operation on the south wall. In addition, a third turbine will be installed inside the hydroelectric plant. Thanks to these innovations, self-produced clean energy within the campus will reach a total of about 6MW and, as a result, the benefits of using green energy will benefit all Aruba customers, allowing them to implement conscious and sustainable energy consumption.

“Thanks to the investments in the two new data centres and the upgrading of the plants to enable greater self-production of energy from renewable sources, we are pursuing the goal we set for ourselves at the birth of the Global Cloud Data Centre,” said Stefano Cecconi, CEO of Aruba S.p.A.

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