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Nokia deploys private LTE to Western Power Distribution for smartgrid trials

Nokia deploys private LTE to Western Power Distribution for smartgrid trials

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Nokia has announced that it has provided a private 4.9G/LTE wireless network to Western Power Distribution ‘(WDP)’ in the UK.

The private LTE network will be used for supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) testing, as well as other mission-critical systems such as voice services. 

WPD’s ‘LTE Connecting Futures’ trial is testing a new LTE network to enable its smartgrid. The 4.9G/LTE core, radio and user equipment were supplied by Nokia for WPD’s research at its Test and Development Centre in Taunton, UK.

Phil Rigden, Telecoms Manager, WPD, said: “Through the challenges posed by the pandemic, we have worked closely with Nokia over the last two years to demonstrate the capability of its 4.9G/LTE private wireless solution to support the operation of our smartgrid including SCADA, voice, video and data services. We have been able to document key learnings to share with the utility industry that confirm the suitability of 4.9G/LTE and 5G to provide the connectivity platform for tomorrow’s grid.” 

WPD’s communications network provides secure, resilient and reliable services to support the daily operations of WPD, which distributes electricity to the Midlands, south west and Wales. These services include the use of licensed and unlicensed radio, microwave and fibre networks.

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