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Ploum’s intellectual property team enhances productivity with NetDocuments

Ploum’s intellectual property team enhances productivity with NetDocuments

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NetDocuments, a leading secure multi-tenant cloud-based content services and productivity platform for law firms, corporate legal teams and business organisations, has highlighted the benefits it has helped realise for Netherlands-based law firm Ploum.  

Since deploying NetDocuments, Ploum’s intellectual property team has seen improved flexibility, productivity and collaboration, enabling the firm to better serve clients with greater speed and accuracy. 

Ploum is an independent full-service law and notary firm located in the heart of Rotterdam. The firm has numerous specialisms, from environmental law to intellectual property, and has the relevant legal knowledge and experience to advise large companies and entrepreneurs.  

Used as a single source of truth, the NetDocuments platform provides Ploum’s entire team a place to create, edit, organise and collaborate on documents, without having to sacrifice security or efficiency. The search and metadata capabilities of NetDocuments enables Ploum’s legal staff to find what they’re looking for quickly, allowing them to spend more time on high-value tasks.  

Willem Leppink, Intellectual Property Partner at Ploum, said: “NetDocuments has made our lives so much easier. It’s been a real collaboration in the sense that everybody knows how to store things in NetDocuments and we can easily find a matter.  

“Before using NetDocuments, we were always relying on whether someone had given authorisation to read their mailbox. Now, it’s super easy. I can just count on it. There’s one place where I can always find all the emails, all the documents, everything.” 

By setting up a ‘know-how’ system with templates and standards within NetDocuments, Ploum’s legal staff have been able to maximise efficiency, enabling them to access document templates and collaborate with each other. The platform also allows lawyers to easily store a variety of different file types including photos and video, which is critical in the intellectual property practice.  

Using NetDocuments, Ploum’s employees have also been able to work more flexibly and stay connected from anywhere. This was particularly key during the COVID-19 pandemic as it ensured the transition to work-from-home was as seamless as possible.  

Leppink said NetDocuments ensures the team can work from home the same way as they would from the office, enabling them to be as flexible as possible. 

Andy Baldin, Vice President of International Business at NetDocuments, added: “It’s been great to see how the NetDocuments platform has helped to drive productivity and collaboration across Ploum’s business. As law firms move to a hybrid way of working, it’s important that lawyers have the technology in place to be able to work securely from any location.” 

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