UK, US and Australia issue joint alert on ransomware attacks

UK, US and Australia issue joint alert on ransomware attacks

Cybersecurity experts from the UK, US and Australia have issued a joint cybersecurity advisory warning of the ‘growing wave of increasingly sophisticated ransomware attacks’ which could have ‘devastating consequences’.

Paul Farrington, Chief Product Officer at Glasswall, said: “As world-leading cyber powers, the UK, US and Australian governments have a critical role to play in the fight against global cybercrime. A strong alliance between countries provides a clear deterrent for cybercriminals – it strengthens defences against cyberattacks and provides a clear protocol for approaching global incidents.

“It is vital that governments from leading nations form these partnerships and develop collaborative strategies to mitigate the increasingly complex threat of global cybercrime. This now requires a global effort, particularly when it comes to helping countries with less developed cyber capabilities. Global collaboration ensures no single state can take advantage – a sentiment that has gained renewed importance as geopolitical tensions around Ukraine continue to ignite. Working together on joint strategies will produce benefits for all nations, not just those with the most power. 

“With ransomware attacks more sophisticated than ever – and advancing by the day – unity across the world’s most powerful nations is crucial to prevent the recurrence of disastrous cyberattacks. Organisations across the globe should take note of all advice provided by the joint advisory to boost resilience against cybercriminals.”

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