Premium boot brand Le Chameau adds over £250,000 in sales in six months with ShoeAI

Premium boot brand Le Chameau adds over £250,000 in sales in six months with ShoeAI

Le Chameau has increased its net conversion rate to 6.8% in just six months for shoppers helped by ShoeAI.

This significant growth was achieved by integrating the AI-driven guided selling software into its online shop. Drawing on the personalised shopping experience provided by ShoeAI, the company has added over a quarter of a million pounds in additional sales from 38,400 customers during the first six months of the partnership.

Grace Mulligan, Le Chameau’s Marketing Manager, said: “A personalised, high-quality experience is key to any engagement with a premium product. ShoeAI’s ability to guide shoppers to their perfect handmade Le Chameau boot has proved to be a perfect match for our brand experience online. The return on investment has been nothing short of impressive.”

How guided selling boosts e-commerce performance

In-store conversion rates can be as much as ten times greater than those from online stores, with average e-commerce footwear conversions being around 2% and in-person approximately 20%.

Timo Steitz, CEO and founder of ShoeAI, believes the sales assistant experience holds the key to this difference: “Our analysis of the retail store experience guided us toward the creation of ShoeAI. Replicated over six stages, the ShoeAI customer journey sees every online shopper greeted and guided to find their perfect footwear that is in stock and will fit. It’s personal, fluid, and efficient and it helps in developing a valuable asset in the e-commerce sales journey: trust.”

Leveraging AI that influences customer behaviour using Machine Learning, ShoeAI represents an evolution from traditional self-service filters where the customer is expected to know all the answers. With the concluding stages of the guided shopping experience helping to close the sale, ShoeAI improves conversion rates while simultaneously lowering the return rates of purchased shoes. It drastically reduces the impact of ‘hobby shoppers’ who buy multiple sets of shoes with every intention of returning most of them.

How ShoeAI integrates with the Le Chameau online store

The installation of the ShoeAI guided selling software into the Le Chameau online shop was straightforward. A customer experience layer was integrated, with control managed by the software and underlying AI. This layer shows options at each point of a customer’s journey, using Machine Learning to understand behaviour and convey information, guiding the customer to products they can buy and that will fit. This process is designed to mimic the experience provided by a retail store assistant where stock availability and the customer’s fit are learned step by step.

“Le Chameau’s devotees are concerned with quality above all else,” concludes Mulligan. “They prize the premium materials, iconic style and unique nature of our boots. We’ve found ShoeAI is on brand by matching these characteristics with exceptional digital customer service. Our conversion rates have grown impressively and we’re tremendously pleased with the ShoeAI solution and the team behind it.”

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