New figures reveal mobile operators’ push for renewable energy

New figures reveal mobile operators’ push for renewable energy

Figures from the GSMA have revealed that global mobile operators are making strong progress in maximising the use of renewable energy in their networks.

However, a survey indicates that access to an additional 64 terawatt-hours (TWh) of renewable electricity – roughly equivalent to Austria’s annual energy usage – will be required by operators globally by 2030, as they seek to decarbonise their energy supplies. These requirements were detailed in the recent GSMA Access to Renewable Energy Policy Paper.

The mobile industry was among the first to commit to achieving Net Zero by 2050 and since COP26, mobile operators have been scaling up the amount of renewable electricity used to power their networks to meet science-based targets.

The new analysis released by the GSMA, using data from 33 operators, covering 86 countries and approximately 50% of global mobile connections, shows tangible results, with renewable electricity use increasing across the mobile sector:

  • European networks are leading globally, purchasing on average 71% renewable energy
  • Mobile networks in 41 of the 86 countries surveyed use more than 75% renewable energy
  • Mobile networks in 29 of the 86 countries use less than 25% renewable energy
  • 32% of renewable used by operators is procured through power purchase agreements with energy generators
  • 63% is achieved via renewable energy certificates from electricity markets
  • 4% results from self-generation of renewable electricity
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