Equinix to build new data centre in Barcelona

Equinix to build new data centre in Barcelona

As Barcelona becomes an increasingly strategic hub for the terrestrial and subsea cable networks connecting our digital lives, Equinix, a digital infrastructure company, is building its second data centre in the metro.  

The new site will serve as a strategic connection point for data communications between Europe, Africa and the Middle East, with Barcelona quickly becoming a vital subsea hub. Major cables include: 2Africa, connecting key coastal metros around the entire African continent and Arabian Peninsula; Aqua Comms’ Europe Middle East India cable, due to link Barcelona with Salalah and Mumbai; Medloop by Sipartech, connecting Barcelona to Ajaccio, Genoa and Marseille; and the Medusa cable, due to link Barcelona with Lisbon and a number of important Mediterranean, European and African metros. 

This substantial digital connectivity will be further bolstered by Equinix’s global platform of more than 245 data centres, which includes key Mediterranean metros such as Bordeaux, Genoa, Lisbon and Milan.

Equinix’s new facility, to be known as the BA2 International Business Exchange (IBX) data centre, will be located adjacent to the company’s existing BA1 site, forming a campus and dense digital ecosystem. It will add much-needed digital capacity to the city to enable local businesses to expand and grow, as well as encourage international businesses to land or expand on Platform Equinix in Barcelona – already an essential and strategically located hub for international communications. 

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