Immuta and Interago partner to accelerate secure cloud data access for Norwegian enterprises

Immuta and Interago partner to accelerate secure cloud data access for Norwegian enterprises

Immuta, a data security leader, and Interago, a cloud data platform consulting company, have announced a strategic partnership to help Norwegian enterprises accelerate secure data access across all major cloud platforms. 

Enterprises can now effectively implement data governance and security controls when data is distributed across complex ecosystems in the cloud. The partnership, which focuses on unlocking data and analytics workloads in the cloud by putting data security first, will allow the safe enforcement of strict data policies for customers while maintaining simple, scalable internal processes. For the more cloud-mature customers, looking to take the next step in their approach to data modernisation, Interago and Immuta will also be teaming up to offer flexible, agile and scalable solutions for a data mesh architecture. 

From a recent business breakfast with Interago, Snowflake and Immuta, the consensus was unanimous that data security is essential to the success of implementing a secure, scalable data mesh architecture. Other findings included the focus on the people, processes and organisation – breaking down the silos between the data teams and the security teams and showing the value of such to improve accountability and making data available while increasing efficiency. 

“Interago always advises customers to have compliance and security top of mind when building analytical platforms,” said Svein Henriksen CEO, Interago. “We have evaluated different data security platforms and concluded that Immuta is the best fit for discovering, protecting and monitoring our customers’ data.”

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