Logpoint and METCLOUD partner to combat exponential threat of cybercrime across the UK

Logpoint and METCLOUD partner to combat exponential threat of cybercrime across the UK

Logpoint has announced a partnership with METCLOUD in the UK to address fundamental cybersecurity challenges for organisations as the threat landscape worsens and cybersecurity expertise becomes increasingly scarce. METCLOUD will offer Logpoint Converged SIEM, including SIEM, SOAR, UEBA, AgentX and Business-Critical Security (BCS) technologies, to empower customers to efficiently manage, identify and remediate cyberthreats across the business landscape.

“Logpoint’s solutions give us a greater breadth of capabilities around predictive and preventative analytics, and management and insights across the technology landscape. Logpoint has a unique offering with BCS for SAP, enabling us to address the significant SAP ERP market,” said Ian Vickers, CEO at METCLOUD. “SAP customers account for 87% of total global commerce, which is an enticing target for cybercriminals. Furthermore, the rapid adoption of AI/ML, IOT, OT, VR, Digital Twins, Robotics and Automation makes for a more connected world and as such significantly increases the risks of cyberattacks.”

METCLOUD is providing Logpoint Converged SIEM and support services via its award-winning private and hybrid cloud offering. Logpoint’s cybersecurity platform protects the entire business by providing comprehensive threat detection, investigation and response across clients, servers, network systems, cloud workloads and business-critical applications. In addition, METCLOUD has developed its own AI and Data Analytics services that integrate with Logpoint converged SIEM to further accelerate the speed of threat detection and remediation.

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