Infor takes Systemair to the cloud

Infor takes Systemair to the cloud

Infor’s cloud solution will facilitate growth and innovation as Systemair scales its ambition to deliver more sustainable products.

Infor, the industry cloud company, has announced that Europe’s largest ventilation company, Systemair, is moving its core business system to Infor CloudSuite Manufacturing, aiming at smoother integration of newly acquired companies and developing new types of products and services. Systemair was founded 50 years ago and currently has offices in 51 countries, supplying both private and commercial customers, including hospitals, offices and schools, where air quality is crucial for the comfort of people using such buildings. The market has been expanding and is expected to continue to do so, driven by various factors including increasingly strict legal requirements for a faster energy transition. Systemair meets this growth potential through acquisitions and new business models, such as increasing service offerings around its product range.

“Systemair and Infor have had a reliable ERP partnership for over 20 years. The signing of the Infor CloudSuite Manufacturing contract is the next step in this partnership. Infor CloudSuite Manufacturing gives us the opportunity to harmonise the Systemair IT-environment further,” said Juergen Hernadi, Group IT Director at Systemair AB. With Infor CloudSuite Manufacturing, Systemair gains an industry-specific, multi-tenant cloud solution, powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), allowing it to quickly implement a system that makes the integration of newly acquired companies easier and faster. Systemair can centralise the entire system administration in the ever-growing company structure, significantly reducing its costs. “People spend around 90% of their time indoors. We often take the air for granted, but it affects how we feel, how alert we are, or how often we get sick,” said Malte Ekedahl, SVP and GM at Infor in the Nordics. “Being able to contribute to a significant market player like Systemair and provide them with the right conditions to continue developing quality products in ventilation makes us proud.”

We asked Juergen Hernadi, Group IT Director at Systemair AB, further questions to find our more.

Juergen Hernadi, Group IT Director at Systemair AB

Can you tell us about how Infor CloudSuite Manufacturing will enhance Systemair’s ability to integrate new acquisitions, and what specific challenges in integration does it aim to address?

Infor CloudSuite Manufacturing is a multi-tenant cloud ERP system that allows us to onboard very quickly new companies in all the regions that we serve. With every new business that is acquired comes new business requirements that emerge and need to be incorporated. Sometimes we do not anticipate every unique requirement. Instead, now as Infor is constantly providing updates to the underling system we can incorporate many of these needs, and where they are not incorporated, we can build extensions to the system.

Also, Infor CloudSuite Manufacturing has so many advanced capabilities already built in, such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and AI, which means we do not need to go out and acquire these and we can deploy these on our own timeline when it best suits our needs.

With Systemair expanding its service offerings, how does Infor CloudSuite Manufacturing support the development of these new business models and services, particularly in terms of managing complex customer needs and product innovations?

Infor CloudSuite Manufacturing is ideally suited to our strategic movement towards servitisation. With new internal or external services you need maintenance or service functionality and the standard way would have been to buy in best-of-breed software to cater for this, which in turn then needs to be integrated. But with Infor CloudSuite Manufacturing we already have these service-related processes baked-in so there’s no need to buy-in these additional servitisation services.

Given Systemair’s long-standing partnership with Infor, what were the key factors that influenced the decision to transition to Infor CloudSuite Manufacturing, and how do you foresee this impacting your operational efficiency?

Infor’s multi-tenant CloudSuites are a major paradigm shift for ERP in terms of how they should be implemented, rolled out and maintained in the future.

Infor is clearly at the forefront of business software going forward.

In terms of efficiency, we really see back-office improvements because we don’t need anyone to maintain in-house systems, servers or operational systems as these are all included in the Infor CloudSuites. So, we foresee a clear improvement here especially and what’s more we see our people being employed not just to keep the lights on but to improving business services in the future.

How does the shift to a cloud-based solution align with Systemair’s goals for Digital Transformation, especially in terms of scalability and agility in the rapidly evolving ventilation industry?

We have a connection to modern services like RPA and AI. Use all this onboard tooling to extract critical business information that was not readily available with the past with our on-premise ERP.

Additionally, we have the capability to add all our subsidiaries worldwide. In the on-premise environment we have had no chance to add countries which are far away like Australia or New Zealand.

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