Nokia adds eleven new applications to its cloud based Corteca Marketplace

Nokia adds eleven new applications to its cloud based Corteca Marketplace

Creation of new value-added applications for home broadband devices allows service providers to generate new revenue streams, enrich user experiences and boost the value of broadband offerings.

Nokia has added eleven new applications to its Corteca Marketplace – a cloud-based platform where service providers can browse, try and install applications across Nokia broadband devices.

The Corteca Developer Toolkit, is an open-source software package that equips developers with essential tools to create applications that enhance broadband offerings in the home for service providers.

This new toolkit is pitched by Nokia as helping developers significantly reduce the time and cost of creating new applications for its Corteca Marketplace.

Service Providers are increasingly seeking home broadband device applications that can enhance broadband services and customer satisfaction.

However, many are stuck having to find, sort and test each application separately to ensure viability before individually contracting with each software provider.

Additionally, third-party developers often have to customize their applications to each service provider’s network and type of device.

Helping bring application partners to new commercial opportunities, Nokia’s Corteca Developer Toolkit makes it easier for both operators and developers to create and deploy value-added applications.

For third-party developers, the toolkit offers open-source software and a virtualization platform that lets them rapidly develop and test applications for use in Nokia broadband devices powered by Corteca device software.

Developers can then load their applications into the Corteca Marketplace platform, part of Nokia’s Corteca Cloud, where operators can, try, install or update any application across their network and broadband devices.

Service providers can also centrally control what applications are accessible to their subscribers and track the usage and performance of each one that is installed.

Nokia is also adding eleven new multi-faceted containerized and cloud-based applications to its Corteca Marketplace.

The applications cover a variety of use cases, including enhanced security, parental control, intelligent device fingerprinting, quality of experience optimization, FCC compliance, FWA optimization, packet sniffing, VPN services and speed tests.

Developed by Nokia or third-party partners, such as F-Secure, Domos, Netduma and Gryphon, each can be installed on select Corteca-powered devices, such as the Nokia ONTs, the Nokia FastMile 5G Gateways or the Nokia WiFi mesh beacons.

Developers, partners, and service providers can access Nokia’s Corteca Marketplace and its 11 new applications starting in 2Q 2024.

Dirk Verhagen, head of Broadband Devices for Nokia, said: “The Corteca Developer Toolkit makes it effortless for third-party developers to quickly create, test and launch new service provider applications.

“By tying this to the Corteca Marketplace, Service Providers can now have a single place to quickly access a diverse set of value-added applications that help unlock new revenue opportunities and foster competitive differentiation.”

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