Banking on the Future of AI-Driven Compliance with Experts from UBS, HSBC, BMO and More

Banking on the Future of AI-Driven Compliance with Experts from UBS, HSBC, BMO and More

Landing Page ImageAs of 2022, Al’s collision course with the financial service sector is well underway. What began with a mass migration to digitization and Al in the initial shock of the COVID-19 pandemic is here to stay- and growing stronger in the pandemic’s wake. Financial services enterprises, in particular, are increasingly turning to Al capabilities to manage increased regulatory burdens and improve risk management amidst “limited organic growth, volatile capital market returns, and fee and margin compression,” according to a recent assessment from Deloitte.

This new report, co-created by Emerj and Smarsh, will examine three distinct use cases in compliance for large-scale financial enterprises described by our podcast guests across the banking and financial services industries. These examples demonstrate the broad application of Al technologies in the compliance space for Fls and what they mean for the future of the sectors.

In this report, you’ll gain insight on:

  • Making Legacy Systems More Intelligent Discover about the difficulties associated with implementing legacy systems and how machine learning and data analytics-based solutions stand the best chance of overcoming them, especially when it comes to tackling workflow issues and the large number of false signals.
  • Detecting Market Misconduct Risks Through Communications Surveillance Explore the advantages of AI-enhanced banking compliance and the various solutions that banks and Financial institutions may consider using to achieve efficiency and comprehensiveness in communications surveillance.
  • Market Surveillance Beyond Typical Language-Based Communications Learn how changing their organizations from rules-based to risk-based systems can assist banking leaders in taking advantage of the power of AI tools like machine learning as well as in recognizing the inherent lack of stasis in the type of misconduct they are trying to identify and ultimately prevent.

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