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Putting technology at the heart of customer experience in hospitality

The hospitality industry needs to embrace new technology to improve the guest experience. Rohit Gupta, VP Europe – Products and Resources at Cognizant, explains how the UK hospitality industry should embrace digital processes. The guest experience has always been at the heart of the hospitality industry. As new technology becomes available, we are already seeing […]

The light at the end of the tunnel: Business resilience post COVID-19

Working from home has resulted in cybersecurity challenges. Johan Pellicaan, Vice President and Managing Director at Scale Computing EMEA, explains what companies can do to face these challenges. COVID-19 has undoubtedly acted as a monumental turning point for organisations globally. Pressured to respond at speed to government-imposed lockdowns, businesses rushed to deploy remote working models […]

Leaving lockdown: What will happen when offices become an option again?

As lockdown slowly starts to ease, business leaders must decide whether they will return to their offices, and if so, do they bring back all employees or work on a part-office and part-remote model from now on? It will be a different decision for every business, and so Intelligent CIO spoke to seven technology experts […]

Get To Know: Daumantas Dvilinskas, Co-founder and CEO of TransferGo

We caught up with Daumantas Dvilinskas, Co-founder and CEO of TransferGo, to find out what makes him tick… What would you describe as your most memorable achievement? I am proud to have built my team here at TransferGo. We have a great group of talented and driven people, who are passionate about delivering the best […]

Data is money – dealing with dark data in financial services

As technology advances, old data gets harder to read and slower to utilise. When it falls off the radar, it is called dark data. Jasmit Sagoo, Senior Director, Northern Europe, Veritas Technologies, explains how to overcome this challenge. Data is widely acknowledged to be one of a business’ most valuable assets. Yet even data can […]

World Password Day: Privileged password management best practices and benefits

Today is World Password Day. Brian Chappell, Director, Product Management at BeyondTrust, explains the best practices and benefits of privileged password management. Privileged password management refers to the practice and techniques of securely controlling credentials for privileged accounts, services, systems, applications, machines and more. The ultimate goal of privileged password management is to reduce risk […]

Hanno Narjus on combining ESD with Intelligent Networks

Implementing Extended Spectrum DOCSIS is a major effort for cable operators. Hanno Narjus, SVP Network Products of Teleste, says combining ESD with Teleste’s Intelligent Networks technology allows you to make the most out of the investment.

Data management: How can CIOs balance risk with business gain in the age of GDPR?

GDPR has forced business to take a much broader look at data management. John Pocknell, Senior Market Strategist at Quest, explains how to better manage data and how it will make a difference to companies. In the age of the Internet, data has become one of the most valuable commodities to almost every business. Not […]

Making the move to the cloud: the five-step process any business can follow

Making the move to the cloud can be daunting but it is worth the effort for many businesses. Kevin Kline, Principal Programme Manager at SentryOne, talks through a five-step process to make sure the transition is as smooth as possible. The cloud is no longer a new concept – it has gained so much popularity […]

How CIOs must shape the way ahead in 2020

Richard Smith, Senior Vice President – Technology, EMEA, Oracle, looks at the biggest questions currently facing CIOs. 2020 is here and for the CIOs I met recently in Dubai (at OpenWorld), the turning of the decade is an excellent opportunity to refresh, refocus, and reinvent their grandest enterprise visions. It’s also rife with big challenges […]

How CIOs can deal with digital disruption

Helen Huntley, Managing Vice President, Gartner, suggests six ways CIOs can (and should) deal intentionally with digital disruption. Digital business. Future of the enterprise. Future of work. Future workforce. Digital society. CIOs have to deal with these forces and futures – and more. The only constant is change. Businesses are being disrupted and redisrupted constantly […]

CrowdStrike expert on the cyber metric that works for CISOs and the board

John Titmus, Senior Director EMEA at CrowdStrike, outlines the key metrics security teams should be using to understand the evolving threat landscape and associated organisation risks. Forward-leaning organisations are by now well-educated around the increasing severity and frequency of cyberattacks. Controls have been tightened, security platforms and teams have been put in place, and employees […]

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