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Colombian software solutions lead Latin American healthcare innovation

Gustavo Torres, Director of Healthcare at HIS Digital Ware, explains why Colombian software solutions are expanding to countries in the region. In the last decade, Colombia has made great strides in creating and implementing software solutions focused on healthcare. Although developing specialized software for healthcare institutions is no easy task, the efforts of technology companies […]

MinCiencias and CRC to finance research and development projects

The Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MinCiencias) and the Communications Regulation Commission (CRC) has presented the results of the inaugural New Knowledge, Technological Development and Innovation for the Strengthening of the ICT, Postal and Audiovisual Content Sectors report, with which projects for the application of knowledge and cutting-edge technologies will be financed The advanced […]

Andean Community approves regulations to protect telecommunications users

The countries making up the Andean Community (Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru) have approved a decision establishing the update of guidelines for the protection of rights regarding telecommunications. It includes aspects such as personal data, security, rights and duties of consumers, transparency and the obligations of operators and providers. Other aspects regard confidentiality, intimacy, integrity […]

Overcoming the challenges of today and tomorrow

To celebrate the first anniversary of Intelligent CIO Latin America, we invited 10 IT leaders from the region to talk about the main technological challenges of the coming years and discuss the successes of today such as increasing productivity and overcoming adversity. Ricardo Guerra, CIO, Itaú Unibanco In a dynamic world like ours, it is […]

Logicalis grows 16% in Latin America

Logicalis, a global company specializing in information and communications technology services and solutions, grew 16% in revenue in Latin America in the fiscal year 2022.   Sales also increased 22% in the period, totaling R$ 3.44 billion. The Latin American operation remains the most important of the Logicalis Group, accounting for 32% of global sales, […]

Colombian citizens benefit from SENA’s technological evolution

Hernán Ríos, CIO, SENA, tells us about the technological evolution of a company that has become a fundamental part of the training of Colombians for the professional market. To what extent is SENA a digital entity? For the National Training Service (Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje – SENA, in Spanish), Digital Transformation has always been a […]

CareAR offers Augmented Reality to improve response capacity

CareAR, a Xerox company, is making the service experience more accessible alongside the benefits of Augmented Reality. The company is utilizing innovative drone technology, taking the service industry to previously unthinkable places. Ricardo Berrio, VP of Service Delivery for LATAM, Xerox, said: “Innovation has always been in Xerox’s history, which is why the company is […]

Colombian Pet Food specialist Italcol selects Infor CloudSuite WMS

Colombian Pet Food specialist Italcol selects Infor CloudSuite WMS for inventory efficiency and customer satisfaction. Infor, the industry cloud company, has announced that Italcol, Colombian pet food manufacturer, has selected Infor CloudSuite WMS as its software to improve inventory control. The warehouse management system also will help increase service quality, enhance resources, process information in real time […]

Endava maintains growth in Latin America through an innovative strategy

Endava consolidates its nearshoring offering and expands its operation in Latin America. Going from being just a team member to a partner in a successful business that is attractive on the New York Stock Exchange is a huge accomplishment. John Cotterell, CEO of Endava, a global IT company providing technology services and product strategy, intelligent […]

Webdox consolidates its contract lifecycle management offering 

The Chilean company Webdox, an expert in digital contract lifecycle management, will expand its operations to other countries. Webdox has been operating for over 10 years and quickly expanded from Chile to other countries such as Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Uruguay, Paraguay and Guatemala. In addition, operations will soon reach the US. […]

Get to know: Paola Bonilla, Executive Director, CRC Colombia

On the lighter side of things, we ask Paola Bonilla, Executive Director, Communications Regulation Commission (CRC) in Colombia, what makes her tick. What would you describe as your most memorable achievement? A significant one was returning to the CRC as commissioner. Since I stopped working there in 2014, I have always had the challenge of […]

ADL Digital Lab introduces Mathilde-Ads as a new way to manage advertising

The digital laboratory of Grupo Aval, one of the largest business organizations in Colombia, has begun to move from leveraging solutions to offering platforms and digital interaction models that will positively impact the digital business environment. With the official launch of Mathilde-Ads, we had the opportunity to speak with Tito Neira, Chief Data Strategy Officer […]

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