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Editor’s Question: How important is cybersecurity education for young people for closing the cyberskills gap?

The majority of UK parents are in the dark when it comes to advising their children on a career in cybersecurity, research from global cybersecurity training provider, SANS Institute, shows. The findings reveal that 63% of parents in the UK would either not be able to answer questions on how to get a job in […]

Energy storage project offers potential for data centres

The data centre industry is continuing to explore innovative ways to reduce its carbon footprint, amid pressure from various authorities. Robbert Hoeffnagel of Green IT Amsterdam talks us through the findings of an energy storage project which took place at the Johan Cruyff Arena in Amsterdam and the implications of this for the future of […]

Citrix ushers in new era of employee engagement and productivity

Let’s face it: today’s employee experience leaves a lot to be desired. All around the world, people are frustrated and overwhelmed by the multiple apps and technologies they need to use to get through their day. And it’s killing productivity. Citrix Systems is out to change this. A year ago, the company made work simpler […]

Red Hat offers Linux experience to every enterprise, cloud and workload

From bare-metal servers and Linux containers to public and private clouds, a world-leading enterprise, Linux platform drives new levels of intelligence, automation and developer productivity, delivering a more consistent business foundation. Red Hat, a world leader in open source solutions, has announced the general availability of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8, the operating system designed […]

Going those extra lengths to protect consumer data

With the amount of data dominating the current tech landscape, CIOs and business leaders must prioritise how they manage consumer data to avoid the repercussions. A number of experts give their views on how companies should be approaching it correctly.  Morey Haber, CTO, BeyondTrust: Organisations are struggling to protect consumer data in two primary ways; […]

CIO discusses factors driving global co-location data centre market

Chris Fielding, CIO, Sungard Availability Services, talks about the predicted evolution of the data centre landscape and the benefits of colocation. For many organisations, it’s just not feasible to fund, build and staff a state-of-the-art data centre facility, complete with heating, cooling, power and network connectivity. For one, a data centre needs to be as […]

Welcoming the next generation of customer experience

The digital consumer of the modern age expects to have everything; always and refuses to settle for anything less. Adrian Whitehouse, Alliances Director EMEA and APAC at Elastic Path, and Tjeerd Brenninkmeijer EVP of EMEA at Bloomreach, talk to us about elevating the customer experience to retain customer interest and interaction.  Customer experience is the […]

Using supervised Machine Learning to reach a desired solution

Machine Learning is widely used across a number of industries and can help to decipher between documents and data within the workplace. We spoke with Sascha Eder, Chief Operations Officer, NewtonX, who describes how supervised ML technology works and Machine Learning’s role within society. NewtonX, an AI-Powered Knowledge Access Platform, connects clients with experts using […]

Exploring Germany’s dominance in EMEA data centre market

As more and more companies are having to carefully decide where to store their data, especially with the uncertainty of Brexit, Germany is seemingly dominating the data centre market. Intelligent CIO Europe hears from Philip van der Wilt, SVP, GM EMEA, ServiceNow, on why the company chose to further expand business into the country. ServiceNow […]

Experts advise on how to protect your business this Safer Internet Day

Safer Internet Day is celebrated every year as a way for schools to educate children on online safety. But it’s not a day that should be solely relevant for school children – it has a lot of relevance to businesses too. The 2018 Cyber Security Breaches Survey, conducted on behalf of the UK government, revealed […]

Critical steps in data protection to drive business success

Monday 28th January marks the 13th annual Data Protection Day, a day aimed at raising awareness and promoting good data privacy practices around the world. We hear from a number of experts who explain the steps to complying with data protection legalities. Spencer Young, RVP EMEA at Imperva: The past year saw vast changes impacting […]

French data protection regulator issues Google with €50 million fine

Rules for protecting data stepped up a gear when the EU implemented the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) last May. It was introduced to improve the way organisations handled personal data and they were expected to comply with these new rules or risk facing heavy fines. Here, we look at how a French regulator is […]

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